The streaming giant Netflix is ​​just beginning to understand the potential of animated series and films. There’s been a massive surge in Netflix’s catalog of anime titles, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. From enchanting slices of life to unforgettable action adventures, animated films excel atRead More →

Upcoming games such as Overlord: Escape from Nazarick and Digimon Survive certainly got anime fans excited. It makes sense for game developers to take inspiration from anime, as many of these movies and TV projects feature the most gripping stories, expansive worlds, and loyal fans. Over the years, tons ofRead More →

From thrilling action spectacles to heartfelt and touching dramas, the world of animated films is vast and diverse, capable of pleasing any viewer. Watching a movie instead of starting a new series, which can take days or even weeks, is an amazing and entertaining option to spend an evening. RELATED:Read More →

Based on the popular fantasy novel series by George RR Martin, game of thrones was phenomenally successful as a television series and developed a large fandom that is still active today. With its grand scale, large cast, and convoluted storylines of adventure and political maneuvering, game of thrones has heldRead More →

Anime series come in multiple runtimes, from standalone shorts to massive long-running franchises. And while fans of shorter shows often complain that they can’t get enough of their favorite series, those who follow seemingly endless and massive franchises often feel the same way. RELATED: 10 Amazing Anime We Couldn’t FinishRead More →

millennium paradethe groundbreaking Japanese artist collective led by Daiki Tsunetatoday start”secret ceremony“, their new track and Netflix Season 2 opening theme song Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045. Available everywhere now, “Secret Ceremony” showcases the creative band’s range as they weave elements of J-pop, rock, jazz and funk with synths andRead More →

Crunchyroll has announced that it has acquired the streaming rights to the highly anticipated anime adaptation of “Chainsaw Man.” Crunchyroll will simulcast the series from Japan later this year, subtitled and dubbed, to over 200 countries and territories around the world. The voiceovers will include English, Latin American Spanish, BrazilianRead More →

You’ve seen anime get live-action adaptations. You’ve seen live-action properties get anime adaptations. Now we’re changing things up again, with an adaptation from animation to anime. yes we are talking about Rick and Morty: the anime. The project comes from Takashi Sano (tower of god). Sano previously directed two animeRead More →

Superhero movies continue to maintain their popularity and sweep cinemas with no end in sight. One corner of this enduring trend is the DCEU franchise, which features sports movies featuring some of the most iconic superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. RELATED: 10 DC Characters From The ComicsRead More →

The world of animation is dominated by two different markets. For most of the world, especially America, animation is synonymous with Disney movies. But in Japan, anime is king. Over the past few decades, the two markets have intertwined, with anime becoming a growing part of Western entertainment. RELATED: 10Read More →

When someone says “FromSoftware”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? I imagine most, if not all, people would have pretty much the exact same thoughts – the rage-inducing challenging Soulsborne games and all the creepy, eldritch horror enemies that inhabit them. However, it looks like the studio mayRead More →

In recent years, the romance genre has grown out of the stigma of “girls only”. The Shojo anime specifically targets audiences that resonate with stories filled with melodrama and the struggles of maintaining a youthful relationship. Even though most of these romance stories usually center around a male or femaleRead More →

Scott Pilgrim is coming to Netflix, and not just to conquer the world again. The streaming giant is would have produced a new Scott Pilgrim animated series based on the graphic novel, previously adapted for the 2010 cult classic Scott Pilgrim vs the world. Its style of mixing live actorsRead More →

Only a handful of episodes in and Spy x Family has already proven to be an engrossing, hilarious and heartwarming experience, where clean, beautiful art combines with clever dialogue and storytelling to create a show that has, so far, been a joy to watch from start to finish. . IfRead More →