anime shenmue Set to premiere in just two days, and ahead of its release, the series revealed a handful of additional cast members, as well as the ending theme performer. RELATED: Shenmue Anime Series Gets Release Date, Cast Reveals After announcing the cast last month, three new Japanese cast membersRead More →

Popularity doesn’t always translate into critical praise. It’s a harsh fact of life with any form of popular entertainment, including anime. In fact, some of the greatest anime may also be the most criticized. Fans might have loved the show despite all the flaws, while critics have ruthlessly reduced apprehensionsRead More →

Acura has announced the launch of an all-new animated series called Chiaki’s Journey. Chiaki’s Journey features a cast of characters who represent the heritage and challenger spirit of the Acura brand and its relentless passion for performance. The story is inspired by Acura’s passion for the challenge of racing andRead More →

Go Texan Day Montage – Sydney Simone 21 hours ago rodeo houston tease 22 hours ago Houston Fed Rodeo Events. 24 – 26 – Sydney Simone 22 hours ago Cotton “Q” Club Grill at Houston Rodeo “Cook-Off” 22 hours ago Houston Rodeo “Cook-Off” 8:30 a.m. 22 hours ago Rodeo HoustonRead More →

Even though Netflix announced the cancellation of its live-action adaptation of cowboy bebop, the viewer’s response is less than indignant. Indeed, one of the major complaints of the Netflix series is that it fails to capture the anime’s original tones. the original cowboy bebop was a pioneering series for theRead More →

Try as you might, there’s just no getting away from it anime kind. By now, you’ve probably already started charting your own personal path through the genre after hearing your friends endlessly chat about their favorite. demon slayer scene or the new episode of Boruto on Crunchyroll. But that’s theRead More →

KEY POINTS Winter anime season runs through January 2022 Most of the upcoming shows are all about fantasy, action, and romance Some new anime adaptations will air next month The home stretch in the 2021 seasonal entertainment lineup still has a few gems to offer passionate fans. With many greatRead More →

Since its launch in 2020, HBO Max has been a leader in providing exciting, new and accessible content. HBO has always had a great catalog of movies, but they’ve also made some of the best original series and movies in decades. They know the content and what their viewers like.Read More →

The Takt op Destiny season finale is slated for release today on Crunchyroll, but has the musical animated series been renewed for season 2? Another day another anime reaches its final episode. Takt op Destiny was one of the “sleep hits” on the fall broadcast list, with some lovely animationRead More →

2021 has been a great year for anime fans as it has ushered in the release of countless new anime. Many of them were adaptations of popular manga or light novels. Manga readers have been waiting patiently for their favorite series to be adapted into an anime, and some ofRead More →

Sentai announced Thursday that it has acquired the Mushibugyo anime series and will start distributing it to fans around the world. MORE: Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad Gets a Release Date and Trailer Along with announcing their acquisition, Sentai also announced that it would distribute the anime to audiencesRead More →

In the world of anime, few have managed to achieve the success of Bleach, Naruto and A piece. All three of these shows have become mastodons in the medium, with few shows succeeding in attracting as many viewers and readers as they did, earning them being called the ‘big three’Read More →

Sports anime isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. Stereotypical sports anime series like Slam Dunk, Kuroko’s basketball, Where Haikyu!! may not appeal to those who dislike jargon-laden comments. Likewise, those viewers wouldn’t be particularly invested in the characters’ almost fanatical passion for their specific sport. But it would be aRead More →

End Platinum is the new manga / anime franchise from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, a battle royale story with a divine theme. Instead of the main characters using scavenged weapons or video game skills, the heroes all use the heavenly power of angels. Whoever wins this fight will likelyRead More →

Anime is one of the most overlooked mediums when it comes to video game adaptations. When many discuss the topic, fans point to movies and maybe sometimes a live action show. However, what if I told you that there are plenty of anime series that manage to create an entertainingRead More →

There is no doubt that the animated series have one of the most diverse themes and stories to watch. And the anime culture is growing bigger by the day, with the fandom attracting more and more people to their community. This is the reason why Netflix is ​​also stepping upRead More →

Sometimes cliffhangers in the animes can lead to expectations and dramatic results in subsequent episodes. However, there are also animes that have cliffhangers leading to both underwhelming and overwhelming results for viewers. RELATED: 10 Anime That Ended With Epic Cliffhangers (That Didn’t Go Nowhere) Some of these animes suffered fromRead More →

In a recent column for Guardian, English singer-songwriter Elvis Costello expressed appreciation for the animated Hands off Eizouken! He not only liked the series, but also the anime’s opening theme song, “Easy Breezy”, saying it was a “very cool theme song”. Click to enlarge Reading further in the column, CostelloRead More →

Netflix and Legendary Television’s Upcoming Animated Series, Based on Square Enix’s Success Grave robber global video game franchise, continues to add arrows to its quiver of vocal talent as two other actors have joined the famous scavenger hunt team. Last month it was announced that Hayley Atwell (Captain America, MissionRead More →

Animation studio CloverWorks confirms an animated adaptation of Spy x Family and gives fans a preview with a trailer that mixes action and domesticity. CloverWorks, the animation studio behind The promised imaginary land and Fate / Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, revealed his adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s filmRead More →

Additional reporting by Daryl Harding Spies, Assassins, and Mind Readers will all be animated as soon as the SPY x FAMILY series, based on Tatsuya Endo’s award-winning manga series, has officially announced its television anime adaptation. The series is set to premiere in 2022. / 新情報 ????ティザービジュアル公開 ????Read More →

SQUARE ENIX, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal celebrated the 25th anniversary of the TOMB RAIDER franchise today by making several announcements of new experiences and offers available now and in the future for fans of the iconic video game series. Below are some of the upcoming 25th anniversary initiatives that TombRead More →